How Korey Sex-Proofed his Life: Practical Tips that can Work for Teens too!

For a young man, Korey is full of wisdom that both teens and their parents can glean from, don’t you agree? And once again with this week’s Conversation with Korey, he doesn’t disappoint!

It’s one thing to say you’re going to stop having sex, but it’s something else entirely to actually live out your commitment on a daily basis. But that’s exactly what Korey has done over the past couple of years.

Today Korey and I discuss what it really takes to sex-proof your life so you can live sex-free till marriage.

Free your Mind and the Rest will Follow

It wasn’t until Korey changed his mind about sex, that he was able to change his behavior. What followed was him setting boundaries for himself in several key areas you’re going to want to take note of. Including:

  • What he listened to
  • What he watched
  • Who he hung out with
  • How he referred to himself

Go Bold or Go Home!

Peer pressure doesn’t magically disappear once teens become young adults and head off to college, as Korey attests to in today’s clip. Let’s face it, his decision to be celibate as a young man, didn’t exactly earn him cool points among the guys.

Korey describes how it took boldness to stand by his commitment, because he knew his “friends” at the time would laugh at him for being different. Some of them may have even thought he was “weak,” for choosing to give up sex.

But I say, show me a young man who is disciplined enough to master his hormones and natural impulses, and I’ll show you a young man who is anything BUT weak!

Today’s Conversation with Korey is the kind of honest discussion we need to engage our boys in more often. You’d be surprised by how many teen guys share with me that they don’t really want to have sex. But they’ll either go ahead and have sex or lie about having it, just to save face in front of their friends.

If you have a son, please share the clip below with them! Boys need to know that there are guys out there like Korey, who’re not only living sex-free until marriage, but actually enjoying themselves while they do. And your sons can too!

I hope you’ve been enlightened and inspired by this Conversation with Korey series so far. Make sure you watch any of the previous clips that you may have missed. Next week, Korey will address how the issue of fatherlessness impacts teen girls.

Please share this clip on your social media, and most importantly with your child. And don’t forget to leave words of encouragement for Korey in the comment section below. 

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  • Donna Dawkins

    Hi Jackie,

    Another great discussion with Korey!  Korey shared practical applications that had to be followed, if he was serious about his decision of celibacy.  I believe his words, once more, gave young men something to think about.  And we know…Every notable CHANGE begins with an initial thought. So here's to influencing a generation!


    A DECISION is only as great as the ACTION behind it.   

    • Jackie Brewton

      Thanks Donna for sharing your feedback.  I know his words will have a great impact on many! Blessings!

  • Chris


    This young man is an incredible example of what "LEGACY" LOOKS LIKE! I really admire the fact that he's making decisions (INTENTIONALLY) NOW, that will positively impact generations to come. Keep up the great work you're doing by investing in the lives of those who need you the most and will use their lives to inspire righteuousness in others!

    Believing in your best,


    • Jackie Brewton

      Thanks for your comments Chris! I too believe that Korey’s insights have the potential to positively impact generations to come. 

      I hope all is well with you! All the best!

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