How 2022 Became A Year of Global Impact!

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Can you believe we’ve already reached the end of 2022? I don’t know about you, but it marked a return to “normalcy” or at least life more like I was used to before the world came to a complete halt.

As difficult as things have been since the beginning of the pandemic, there was definitely a silver lining.

I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to realize I could impact the lives of so many teens and parents via the power of technology if the pandemic had not forced me to take advantage of it. 

And as grateful as I am to be back in person at schools, I’m equally as grateful for the virtual opportunities I had in 2022 to impact teens across the country and abroad. 

Like being able to host teen guys and their parents from all over the county who attended my virtual book launch in February for The Truth About Sex: Real Stories from Teen Guys Like You.

Or being the only female to grace the virtual stage for Moore Mentorship, an online mentorship community for young men ages 12-18, designed to empower young men in the areas of “God, Family and Millionaire Business.”

Or, speaking to moms and daughters across the world on three occasions for Bethany Hamilton’s Mother-Daughter Ohana Experience. 

Or spending a Friday night in May hanging out virtually with a youth group in Phoenix, AZ. 

Or, speaking to the teens SheLearns serves in Uganda on four occasions. 

Or, hosting a fundraiser workshop for the SheLearns ministry in Uganda. 

2022 was another reminder for me that when God gives you an assignment, He will supply the resources you need to help you accomplish it.

And the same is true for you!

Help Your Teen Thrive in 2023!

Shepherding teens to realize their full potential is one of the most important assignments God can give you whether you’re a parent, teacher, youth group leader and/or mentor.

If you’ve been wondering how you can get the teens in your life/youth group/community to hear the life-changing message that students in the schools in metro Atlanta are privy to, a virtual presentation is a simple way to make that happen.

Reach out to us today to find out how by replying to this email or contacting us at We look forward to hearing from you soon.

In the meantime, I pray you and your family have a safe and Happy New Year!

Warm Regards,

P.S. Technology was a true God-send during the pandemic. It was the resource I needed to share my message with teens (near and far), that I never would have been able to reach while everything was shut down. Now that the world is back open again, I’m thankful that technology makes it simple and cost-effective for your daughter (or students from your youth group), to hear that same life-affirming message. Your assignment as a parent/youth group leader/mentor can be daunting, especially without the right resources to truly make an impact. But I’m here to help! Reply to this email to find out how, and together we’ll give the special teen(s) in your life the tools they need to thrive in 2023!

P.P.S. Please share this post with other parents, youth group leaders, mentors, etc. you know who are “on assignment” to help young people dream bigger dreams, make best decisions and realize brighter destinies. Thank you and Happy New Year!

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