The Top 4 Things Every Girl Needs from Her Dad 

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A few years ago former Praise 102.5 FM radio host, KD Bowe, interviewed me on his show where I shared Four Things Every Girl Needs from Her Dad.

When teen girls don’t get those four things from their fathers, it often results in poor relationship choices.

Click the video below to hear what those four things are:

Since doing that interview, those four things have been confirmed over and over in conversations with teen girls in the classroom, after class, and in the letters, they’ve written to me. 

“Until I heard you speak, I thought that it was okay to let guys treat me however they wanted. My dad and stepdad both skipped out on my life, so I never had a strong understanding of how a man should treat a woman. A few weeks ago, I almost lost my virginity to someone who didn’t even care about me. I thought it was okay because, like I said, I didn’t understand. Thank you for helping me realize I’m worth more than I think.”

Just recently, a young lady confided in me that her father had been verbally and physically abusive to her when she was younger, so she tends to accept those things in her relationships. 

Another young lady shared she expected any boyfriend she dated to cheat on her because her dad cheated on her mom. 

She said, “If the man that you respected and loved the most in your life would cheat, it’s hard not to expect it from your boyfriend.”

I shared the video above on Instagram earlier today and a teen girl left this comment beneath the video:

“I wish my dad did those things. It would help a lot more in the long run.”

Help for Daughters AND Dads

If you’re a mom, share this video with your daughter’s father so he can understand how vital it is for him to be actively engaged in his daughter’s life. 

Also, my book 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You: A Teen Girl’s Guide on Love, Sex and Relationships would make a great Father’s Day present for him. 

Check out the words of a father about the book: “As a father of a beautiful 16-year-old daughter, I can definitely say this is a book every father would want his daughter to read immediately.”

Wondering how a book for teen girls makes a “great” Father’s Day gift?

Just think…

What better gift than connecting with his daughter over a topic that will bond them closer together and benefit them both?

Now, that’s priceless!

Even if your daughter’s father isn’t actively engaged in her life the way he should be, make sure your daughter has a copy of my book 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You

Not just because I purposely included a chapter in the book for girls struggling with “daddy issues” (Secret #6). 

But because when girls get a hold of these “7 Secrets,” the light bulb often clicks on. 

They’re finally privy to honesty and transparency about love, sex, and relationships. And having that knowledge changes the way they view themselves, even if their father isn’t emotionally and/or physically present in their lives.

 “I also have had father issues my whole life. That makes me look for love in all the wrong places now. After listening to everything you said, I feel like I now know why I did certain things in life. The reason for my wrong choices never really hit me until you came…I thank you so much for speaking with us and inspiring me to change for the better. If there is another girl out there like me, I hope she will hear your messages before she makes the wrong choices.”

This young lady’s testimonial further proves that knowledge is power. 

Why not empower your daughter by equipping her dad to provide those four things she needs most from him?

Order 7 Secrets for your daughter and her father today! 

And don’t forget, I now have a book for teen guys that would also make a great Father’s Day gift—The Truth About Sex: Real Stories from Teen Guys Like You.

Here’s what a dad who read the book had to say: 

“Your book, The Truth About Sex, will help me with the future dialogue with my teenage son. A couple of things that I plan to talk to my son about are: Do you know your value? 
Are you a protector or predator?”

Whether you only have a daughter or have a teen son too, the reality is this:  girls AND guys benefit from having a strong emotional connection with their fathers. 

So, if it’s possible to encourage and arrange quality time spent with their dad this Father’s Day, it would do the entire family good.

P.S. Is your daughter receiving the four things every girl needs from her dad? If not, now is the time to make sure she does! The information I shared in the above clip is just a start. For more in-depth content on the role dads play in their daughters’ lives, along with guidance on how to affirm your daughter so she knows her worth in or outside of a relationship, order a copy of 7 Secrets for her and her father today! 

P.P.S. The Praise 102.5 interview I did with K.D. Bowe resonated with many of his male listeners. And you probably know dads who would benefit from knowing the 4 Things Every Girl Needs from Her Dad as well. So please share this post with all the girl dads you know, even if their daughters aren’t teens yet. Thank you!

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