What Happens to Teen Girls Who Don’t Know Their Value?

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I’ve been told for years that adults need to hear my message just as much as teens because my message transcends age. 

Though my most requested presentation falls in the category of “sex education,” it covers so much more than sex. 

I address…

  • how to have healthy relationships,
  • what it means to value yourself,
  • how to treat yourself and others with love and respect,
  • how to live a life of discipline and self-control, as well as
  • how to make decisions now that will benefit them long-term and not just for the short-term.

These principles apply to teen girls AND adult women alike.

If Only She Knew Then What She Knows Now

So, what happens when women don’t learn these principles while teens? 

They end up dealing with the same issues that teen girls struggle with, just much later in life.

Like the 42-year-old teacher who started crying during my presentation and told me on the way out of the classroom…

“You just told these girls something that no one ever told me about
knowing my value. If I had met you five years ago,
my life would be totally different today.”

Or the 40-year old recently divorced teacher who shared on her way out of the classroom…

“What’s so powerful about your presentation is that it’s not just about sex. It’s about knowing your worth and not settling. Even though I tell myself that I value myself, when you look at what I’m putting up with in my current relationship, it’s clear that I really don’t. I texted one of my girlfriends throughout your presentation because she’s in a similar situation and I told her we had to raise our standards and stop settling.”

Or the high school teacher who approached me after an assembly…

“You said that if you were able to reach one person during your presentation to empower him/her to make better choices in their relationships, it would be worth your time today. Well, I’m that one person.”

I could go on and on sharing stories from adults who have been positively impacted by my message for teens. 

So, I know how powerful it is. And why I decided to put that message in a book.

Why This Message Matters

When I wrote 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Love, Sex, and Relationships, I was convinced that it had the power to transform the lives of every girl that read it. 

And I still believe that. 

But, after going through the last 7 Secrets REVEALED Masterclass and receiving such amazing feedback from the participants, I realized the book was just the beginning. 

The wisdom the young ladies in my last Masterclass received from the 13 guest speakers contributing to more than 12 hours of content, was so powerful that it’s difficult for me to even find words to describe how I felt when the Masterclass was over…

I began to think about the young ladies who cried in my arms after class, and the letters I received from even more girls struggling with tragic consequences due to poor choices.

It broke my heart they weren’t taught to know their value like the girls in the Masterclass were taught.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that their lives would have been totally different if they had heard the wisdom the girls in the Masterclass heard. 

Every time I think about the things the girls heard during the last session; I feel like I’m about to explode. 

Like I’m sitting on a gold mine that every teen girl in the world should have access to but they have no clue of the gold that’s inside the mine. 

I’m in constant prayer that God will guide me on how to get the word out to more parents so they can enroll their daughters. And I would appreciate your prayers about this as well.

My goal is simple:  Help teen girls know their value, so they don’t make poor relationship choices as adults due to low self-worth.

And that’s why I was so excited to read the following comments from young ladies who attended my 7 Secrets REVEALED Masterclass in the spring: 

“I’m not going to lower my standards anymore and I won’t settle for a guy that is only interested in himself and his selfish needs rather than being interested in both of our best interests.”

“I have always believed that I have a high self-esteem and don’t really care what others think of me because I know how I think and carry myself. Tonight’s class left me thinking, ‘Am I really stable in those standards and do I truly love myself as I should?’ I had never thought so deeply into myself and it made me begin to really analyze and want to learn to love myself before I can ever really love anyone else. I know this Masterclass is going to change my life greatly.”

I’d love for your daughter to experience the same type of life-changing wisdom from not only me, but the 15 guests she’ll also get to glean from. 

Even if she’s like the young lady above and believes she has high self-esteem, this Masterclass will challenge your daughter to re-think whether she loves herself.

Because it’s one thing for her to have high self-esteem when she’s not in a relationship. 

But can your daughter maintain that same level of self-worth when she finds her heart palpitating, stomach fluttering and mind somersaulting over someone else she really cares about?

That’s the real test.

And one you NEVER want her to fail.

So, let’s arm her with the knowledge she needs to pass…now AND as an adult.

If your daughter hasn’t attended my virtual Masterclass yet, make sure you enroll her now.

Hope to see her in class!

P.S. We all have regrets from our teen years we wish we could have avoided had we only known then what we know now. But that doesn’t have to be your daughter’s story. She can learn NOW what her value is both in and outside of a relationship; why it’s a good thing to put her best interests above a guy’s sex interests; and how to recognize whether a potential date is even worthy of her time. Go here to register your daughter for 7 Secrets REVEALED TODAY!

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