7 Secrets You and Your Teen Daughter Need to Know!

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Did you miss my free webinar for parents last Thursday?

If so, I have some good news for you.

You can watch the replay! 

Gain the same insight parents who watched it live were able to tap into. Including…

  • How social media may be negatively impacting your daughter’s self-esteem. 
  • How to protect your daughter from the biggest threat facing teens. 
  • Why your daughter may be making poor relationship choices and what you can do to help her.
  • How to help your daughter learn/say the one word that could save her life.
  • Four things you can do immediately that will improve your relationship with your daughter.

I’m so glad those parents found the webinar worth the investment of their time: 

“I wish more parents could have been a part of this webinar. Knowledge is power. Love it.”

“I have learned so much tonight and I have so much work to do with my daughter.”

“Great job on the webinar tonight. It was amazing! I really appreciate the love offering of you pouring into us (as parents and as mentors) on tonight.”

“The webinar was very informative. You discussed several things that have been on my mind about myself as a parent, my ex-husband, and my daughter. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS.”

“Thanks for an insightful webinar! Always love hearing you speak. Thanks for your ministry to us, and the teen girls around.”

“My daughter said, ‘Ms. Jackie knows too much about us young girls. It’s almost like she has God’s eyes.'” 😂😂😂

If you missed the webinar, go here and you will gain immediate access to the replay upon registering.

But wait, there’s more…

I also announced at the end of the webinar that the Summer session of my 7 Secrets REVEALED Masterclass starts next Monday, July 6th.

After an extremely successful Spring session, I’m excited about transforming the way even more girls value themselves, view relationships and choose dates. 

I’d love for your daughter to be one of those girls. 

The young ladies in my last Masterclass received 12 hours of content and were able to hear wisdom from 13 guests, including a teen mom, teen dad, three couples, a father, a 30-year-old medical doctor and three other guys who provided a male perspective on love, sex and relationships.

And I just confirmed another interview with a former student who was in a physically abusive relationship with a guy she met during orientation her freshman year in college.

You’ll definitely want your daughter to hear this young lady’s cautionary tale.

Here are just a few of the benefits the girls in the last class enjoyed that your daughter could look forward to…

…Help her gain confidence

“I have more confidence in myself to know that I am worthy, with or without a guy.” 

…Motivate her to focus on her dreams and goals

“I believe that I will be much more focused on fighting for my dreams and goals without bending to distractions. I also think that I will be more intellectually focused instead of socially focused for my freshman year in college.”

…Allow her to learn from others’ mistakes

“I’m so glad I got the chance to hear these stories. They impacted me and allowed me to actually understand that it’s honestly not worth it. I’m glad I can learn from others. I feel even more motivated to not let their stories be wasted.”

And the Masterclass even benefited the girls’ moms, which you can look forward to…

…Like helping your daughter understand why your rules and boundaries are necessary

“I am still in awe because my daughter came to me after one of the classes and stated ‘Wow mom, Ms. Jackie and the guest said the same thing you have been saying. I understand now.'” 

…Or opening-up the lines of communication between you and your daughter

“I loved the conversations my daughter and I had after each class.”

“The information was relevant and gave us time to have many deep conversations. Although I’ve had many conversations with my daughters about sex, it was easier to unpack the information from the class after watching it together (and made it less awkward).

As I explained to the parents on the FREE webinar, I don’t plan to offer a LIVE version of the 7 Secrets REVEALED Masterclass any time soon.

(It will be pre-taped going forward).

So, this is the last call (for a while), for your daughter to have LIVE access to me where she can ask questions and receive expert advice about love, sex, and relationships in REAL time.

Regular Price: $199

Discounted Price:  Only $99!

Think of this Masterclass as an investment in your daughter’s future.

One that will help transform the way she values herself, views relationships and chooses potential dates on her journey to adulthood.

You and I both know she’s worth it!

P.S. If you missed my FREE webinar for parents, 7 Secrets Your Teen Daughter Will Never Tell You, it’s not too late to check out the replay here.  Thankfully, it’s also not too late to register your daughter for my next 7 Secrets REVEALED Masterclass. But hurry! Class starts next Monday, July 6th. And it will be the last time I offer this training LIVE for a while.

P.P.S. If you know any parents with teen daughters who could benefit from my FREE webinar and my Masterclass, please feel free to share this post on social media. Thank you for helping me get these trainings in front of as many parents and their teen daughters as possible.

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