Why Girls and Their Moms are Raving About 7 Secrets LIVE!

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Telling secrets never felt so good!

Especially before a packed house of daughters, mothers, grandmothers, church youth workers, and youth leaders gathered together for my teen empowerment event, 7 Secrets LIVE!

I am so impressed with the moms (and quite a few dads too), who invested their time and resources towards making sure their teen daughters are prepared for this upcoming school year. 

I had to laugh when almost half of the girls in the audience raised their hands when I asked how many had no clue where their moms were taking them. 

While many of them admittedly didn’t want to be there, I’m glad they left grateful that they came. 

Like the young lady who shared the following text message with me that she sent to her mom after my presentation was over.

Or, the young lady who told me during the break that I needed a Nobel Prize. 

How cute is that? 

Or the young lady this mom is referring to in her Facebook post: 

“Our Sunday was blessed by attending the 7 Secrets LIVE workshop. I was blown away!! Destiny had no idea why we were going but once we got in our car headed home, she said, ‘Mom, please make sure more girls hear her speak.’ My response, ‘I promise I will!’”

I’m so thankful 7 Secrets LIVE! was a pleasant surprise.

From a Message to a Movement

This summer I’ve been inundated by moms wanting to find out how to get me to speak to the teens at their churches or kids’ schools. 

One of those moms was Evelyn, in the post below, who I met two years ago when I was vending at her church’s Forward Youth Conference. She’s been on a mission to get me to speak at her church ever since.

Although she hasn’t given up on that happening, her immediate concern was for her daughters to get to hear me speak in person.

And there are already calls for a follow-up.

Four moms wanted to know if/when I would host Part 2. 

But this time no adults allowed so their daughters will feel more comfortable being open and asking questions. 

I love to see parents hyped up about this message.

A mom and dad even drove all the way from Lexington, SC, to bring their three daughters and their daughter’s friend.

The mom worked all night Saturday night, so the dad made the six-hour drive, round trip, just so these four young ladies could hear the presentation. 

If that’s not being a committed parent, I don’t know what is!

This isn’t just a message. It’s a movement!

One woman, who was almost in tears, told me after the presentation that I spoke to the little girl in her. 

She believes my message isn’t just for teen girls and practically begged me to host a similar workshop for adult women.

And feels many women are dealing with the same issues that I spoke about.

Either because they never heard the message when they were younger or never got healed from the pain of their youth. 

She’s right…

But for now, I know that the groups I’m called to are teens and their parents. 

And there’s still a lot of work to be done!

I came home from the event exhausted, but smiled when I read the following posts on Facebook…

One of my main goals is to equip parents to be able to have the tough conversations with their teen daughters about love, sex and relationships. 

So, it warmed my heart to see that yesterday’s event provided an opportunity for this mom to do just that. 

Coming Soon…

I’m grateful and honored that God would allow me to partner with Him in bringing hope to a generation of teen girls who are often swimming upstream in a culture that seems bent on destroying their self-esteem and their souls. 

They need to know their lives have purpose and value that has nothing at all to do with their relationship status or having sex.

So, my mission continues…

One of the highlights from yesterday’s event was recording a new resource for teen girls, 10 Things Every Teen Girl Needs to be F.A.B. (Focused, Authentic, and Brave).

I created the checklist two years ago and shared it in this #Back2School post. 

So, I’m excited to be able to record the session for your daughter that will either be available as a DVD or an online course. 

Coming soon…

P.S. If you weren’t able to bring your daughter to 7 Secrets LIVE! all hope is not lost. Let me know where you live, and I just may bring 7 Secrets LIVE! to a city near you!

P.P.S. In the meantime, stay tuned for the release of my new resource for teen girls based on my 10 Things Every Girl Needs to be F.A.B. Checklist here. And don’t forget to share this post on social media.

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