Boundaries: Why It’s Dangerous for Your Daughter Not to Have Them

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Boundaries for your daughter are like a guardrail for a speeding car navigating sharp turns up, down and around a treacherous mountain.

They’re CRITICAL. Especially when it comes to love, sex, and relationships.

I tell students they’ll never outgrow their need for boundaries.

The sooner they learn to establish and maintain them the easier it will be for them to do so later in life.

And no time is that more evident than while they’re dating.

So I created a new MUST-HAVE resource for teen girls to guide them through the process. (More on that later.)

I understand that as a parent, the thought of your daughter dating is every bit as nerve-wracking as her driving.

In both instances, your #1 concern is her well-being.

(Which is why she needs boundaries for both).

But with dating, there’s more to be concerned about than just your daughter’s physical safety.

Her emotional well-being is at stake too.

So as you try to decide when the “right” time is to let your daughter date, ask yourself this: How will she handle setting and maintaining boundaries within her relationships?

No Boundaries = No Guardrails

Teens who haven’t learned to establish and maintain boundaries early on will struggle to do so in a relationship now, and as an adult for that matter.

This junior is a perfect example of that:

“The one thing that has really stuck out is the need to set boundaries in a dating relationship.
This is a challenge for me because I have not had any boundary lines in my life.
Everything you said has encouraged me to set boundaries for the first time in my life.”

I’m so thankful this young lady realized the need for “guardrails” as she navigates dating relationships and life in general.

Her letter proves one thing.

It’s not too late to help your daughter change course if she struggles with setting and maintaining boundaries.

Dating Boundaries 101

When it comes to love, sex, and relationships, now’s the time for your daughter to master the habit of establishing and maintaining boundaries.

And my new Dating Boundaries 101 virtual guide for teen girls can help her do just that!

Let Dating Boundaries 101 put your daughter in the driver’s seat of her relationships so she can cruise around common dating potholes that can damage her emotional and physical well-being.

Click the picture below to learn more and enroll your daughter TODAY!

Dating Boundaries 101 is a must-have resource for any pre-teen or teen girl who:

  • is inexperienced when it comes to dating,
  • feels pressure to be in a relationship,
  • struggles with low self-worth and/or confidence,
  • hasn’t found her voice yet to stick up for herself and never settle for anything (or anyone) less than she deserves and/or,
  • has a fairytale view of what REAL love looks like.

But that doesn’t have to be your daughter’s story!

The good news is Dating Boundaries 101 puts your daughter in the driver’s seat of her relationships.

How so?

By equipping her to set the standard for how she deserves to be treated that honors who she is now and the person she hopes to become in the future.

This virtual guide features 7 easy-to-implement modules with accompanying journal activities that help girls tackle the who, what, when, where and why of dating. Including:

Module 1: Why You Need Boundaries!

  • Girls discover the importance of setting boundaries for dating and life in general.

Module 2: When and How to Set Boundaries

  • Girls are empowered to set boundaries BEFORE they date someone.

Module 3: People Boundaries

  • Girls learn the first boundary they need to set is WHO they’ll date.

Module 4: Place Boundaries

  • Girls are equipped to take safety precautions with where they decide to go on a date.

Module 5: Physical Boundaries

  • Girls are challenged to decide how far is “too” far on dates and set their boundaries accordingly.

Module 6: Media Boundaries

  • Girls learn how the media influences their desires & decisions when it comes to love, sex, and relationships.

Module 7: Demanding Respect for My Boundaries

  • Girls are equipped to identify whether their dates respect them and empowered to walk away if they don’t.

Go HERE to enroll your daughter TODAY!

Help Your Daughter Set Boundaries Before It’s Too Late!

The time for your daughter to establish healthy boundaries is before she dates someone.

If she waits until she’s in a relationship to establish them, her boundaries will be based on how she feels about the person she’s dating.

Instead of how she feels about herself.

The letter below is from a young lady who “got it.” She realized during my presentation the importance of setting boundaries in advance:

“Over the years I have thought about what I would do in a situation of pressure, and I’ve never come to a conclusion. Your presentation made me realize that I need to make up my mind, I need to set boundaries, I need to find goals, or a “yes” to look forward to in life. Thank you for everything. You changed my perspective on sex, relationships, and my future.”

If my presentation could change her perspective about “sex, relationships, and her future,” imagine what Dating Boundaries 101 could do for your daughter!

It can mean the difference between your daughter doing the teen dating equivalent of driving off a cliff at 100 mph (and all the consequences that come with it).

Or her successfully navigating the sharp twists and turns of teen dating with a game plan that sets the standard for how she deserves to be treated, and “guardrails” that protect who she is now and hopes to become in the future.

You decide!

P.S. Be sure to spread the word with every parent you know who has a daughter. The sooner we teach our girls to set and maintain healthy dating boundaries the less likely they’ll settle for anyone who doesn’t honor and respect them.

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