What an iPhone Software Update Taught Me about My Walk with God!

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Apple Iphone software updateAbout six months ago, my FaceTime app stopped working on my iPhone. Since I don't use the app often, it wasn’t a big deal…at least not a big enough deal for me to spend time trying to get it fixed.

A few months later my Maps app also stopped working. This was a bigger problem since my travels take me throughout the state speaking.

I made an appointment with the Genius Bar at the Apple store so they could diagnose the problem and repair the phone. Without even touching my phone, the associate told me the problem would resolve itself if I downloaded the latest software update.

When I returned home and attempted to download the update, I couldn’t do so because I did not have enough storage on my phone. I would have to delete apps/files before it would be possible to download the latest update. As is rather common for me, I procrastinated and found what was an easier fix for me. I began printing out directions to my speaking engagement locations from my computer.

Fast-forward a couple of months and my phone stopped ringing. I could call people, but I couldn’t tell when someone was calling me. Now, this was a big enough problem to catapult even the biggest procrastinator into action.

For some reason, and I’m not even sure why, I decided to go to Apple’s web site to read about downloading the latest software update. And low and behold, I read that there was a way to download the latest software through iTunes on your computer even if you didn’t have enough storage on your phone. Perfect! I could use another source of power.

The morning after I successfully downloaded the software update and my phone was back to functioning properly, I began to think about this from a spiritual perspective and was amazed at what God was showing me through this experience.

Following are the lessons that I learned:

Don’t Live Beneath Your Privilege!

I tolerated the lesser performance of my phone for at least six months until the problems got so bad that I had to address them.

How many other areas of my life do I live beneath my privilege because things haven’t gotten bad enough for me to take action? Just as the phone could have functioned at full capacity all along, I’m sure there are other areas of my life that I am not enjoying to the fullest because I’m tolerating things the way they are.

Always Check the Owner’s Manual First!

It wasn’t until I went to Apple’s web site that I realized there was a better way to download my phone’s latest software.

How many other times have I tried to find the solution to my problems everywhere except the owner’s manual…The BIBLE?

It’s Crazy to Rely on Your Own Strength!

As it turned out, it didn’t matter that my phone did not have the capacity to download the latest software update. I could use another source.

How many times have I attempted to solve my problems with my own strength and power without realizing that all I needed to do was call on God, who is my “SUPER” power?

God is Always Speaking!

Coming from someone who has oftened struggled to hear/know the voice of God, this lesson is probably the biggest lesson of all.

How many other times has God tried to send me a message and I just missed it? I’m not sure what was different this time, but you better believe I will definitely be more in tune to the possibility of God speaking through every day experiences from now on.

What about you? Has God ever spoken to you through simple every day experiences? If so, please share below so we can learn from each other.

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