My Message to Teen Girls Every Teen Guy Needs to Hear

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One of the things that has surprised me most about my book, 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You: A Teen Girl’s Guide on Love, Sex and Relationships, is how much it resonates with teen guys as well. 

While speaking to high school classes, I started reading an excerpt from the Introduction that describes the three types of guys:  The Player, the Good Guy and the Best Guy. 

  • The Player: He doesn’t care about the girl and just wants sex. 
  • The Good Guy: He truly cares about his girlfriend and still may ask for sex. 
  • The Best Guy: He loves his girlfriend so much that he will do what is BEST for her, which ISN’T having sex. 

And something totally unexpected started happening—I started getting tons of comments like the following in letters from guys: 

“I was never a player, I always hated those types of guys; but I wasn’t the best guy either. I was a good guy. I never asked or pressured sex when in a relationship; but if they offered, I took the chance. Now I want to be the best guy because I realized how selfish I was being. 
Thank you for showing me the right way.”

“Your discussion has inspired me to try and put my girlfriend’s wants before mine,
and refrain from pressuring her so much, so I can be the ‘best guy’ for her.”

“I especially will internalize what you read to us from your book. Originally, I was a good guy and thought that was all I needed to be; but after hearing about the best guy, I’m going to strive to be him because I want the best for my girlfriend. Thank you for coming and showing me a potential I never thought I had.”

Moms have even bought my book for their sons to read, and my mouth dropped when I received the following email from a mom…

“My 14-year-old son has read the book and told me that he is striving to be the Best Guy. When we are watching T.V or we’re out, we have our own code language on identifying behaviors. Often, he may say, ‘Player’ or ‘Good Guy.’ Then he’ll say what the Best Guy would do. 
It’s pretty amazing.”

I agree. That is pretty amazing!

Who would have ever guessed a book for teen girls ABOUT teen guys would be appealing to teen guys as well?

We talked a lot about the three types of guys during my 7 Secrets Revealed Masterclass for teen girls.  

And guess what happened after those LIVE sessions? 

Moms of the teen girls in the Masterclass asked me to do a Masterclass for their teen sons too. 

And to be honest, moms of teen boys have been begging me to create resources and/or host events for their sons for YEARS. 

But this time around was different.

Drum Roll Please…

After years of listening to the pleas for help from moms in search of resources for their sons, I’m thrilled to announce I am finally honoring their request by hosting my NEW Boys to Men Masterclass for teen guys.


Not only will guys get to hear from me, they’ll also get to hear interviews from all the amazing young men who shared guys’ secrets with the young ladies during my 7 Secrets Revealed Masterclass.

Your son/grandson/nephew will hear ‘real talk”—from one young man to another—about sex, girls and relationships that teen guys rarely hear from their peers, the media, the Church or even many adult men.

I’ve been busy working on the content for each of the sessions, and let me just say that this Masterclass is going to be a GAMECHANGER. 

Click the picture below to learn more about this new Masterclass and how to enroll the special young man in your life.

How Your Daughter Can Benefit from the Guys’ Masterclass Too

If your daughter is in a relationship, here’s a brilliant idea (if I must say so myself):

Share this information about the Boys to Men Masterclass with the parents of her boyfriend so he can join. 

Wouldn’t you like him to… 

  • know that real love means treating your daughter the same as he’d want someone to treat his little sister?
  • know his value, how to practice self-discipline, and delay gratification—not just because he’s dating your daughter, but because it also helps set him and his future family up for success?
  • know the difference between the Player, the Good Guy and the Best Guy; and why your daughter deserves the Best Guy?

If you answered “YES! YES! YES!” I strongly encourage you to share this post with his parents.

And if your daughter isn’t dating right now, but you have a teen son who also needs to know the information above (and much more), go here to register him for my Boys to Men Masterclass TODAY!

I look forward to seeing him in class!

P.S.  Finally! There’s a resource on sex, girls and relationships (and from a faith-based perspective), just for teen guys like your son, grandson, nephew and/or even your daughter’s boyfriend. I created the Boys to Men Masterclass to help the special young man in your life discover his purpose, delay gratification, and define manhood so he can become the man he was always destined to be. If that’s what you envision for him, go here to enroll him TODAY!

P.P.S. And if you know other moms of teen guys who’ve been looking for a resource like this Masterclass for their sons, please share this post with them. I appreciate you for helping to get the word out!

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