Hope for a Generation!


When I started my blog, I said you should prepare to be shocked, amazed, burdened, heart broken yet encouraged. Today is a day to be encouraged!

The letter below brought a smile to my face and definitely gave me hope for this generation.

Ms. Jackie,

I am a seventeen year old boy and I would like to thank you for coming in and sharing your knowledge with us about a better way of viewing sex. I found it quite enjoyable and I will forever keep what you said on my mind when I’m ever with a girl.

It may seem that my generation is full of negative occurrences but that is not always the reality. In reality, I am seventeen and I am a virgin by choice. I have had several situations where I could have easily had sex but I chose not to because of my respect for women.

You may not believe me, but last year I had a girlfriend for five days and she broke up with me because she pushed for sex and I didn’t give in. She told me about how she was raped at a young age and I realized I couldn’t in my right mind use her for my own pleasure to further lower her self-esteem.

I hope this gives you some hope for my generation. Thanks again for speaking about this subject. You’re changing many lives for the better. 


Well maybe the part about the girl pushing for sex after five days of dating a guy isn’t encouraging and I’ll address that new phenomenon in a future post; but the fact that this young man respects a young lady even when she doesn't respect herself is VERY encouraging and much more common than you would think.

As surprising as it may be, I’ve gotten many letters from young men who have ended relationships because the girlfriend wanted sex and they didn’t.

We hear so many negative reports in the media about young people, and particularly young men, that it’s easy to think there is no hope for youth today, especially when we’re talking about their sexual decisions. But you’re not hearing the whole story! As a matter of fact some of my favorite, and most encouraging, letters have come from young men. 

I wish you could accompany me to the schools and meet some of the awesome young people that I meet who are making good decisions to have the BEST life possible.

Do you have any stories from young people that have encouraged you to continue to believe in this generation of youth? If so, I’d love to hear them.

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  • Monica Nixon

    I spoke with a young lady recently who has opted not to have sex anymore. Sometimes we tend to discount the word "anymore," but I never do. I was once a "not anymore" girl, so I know it's often much harder to stop doing what you've already started than it is to just not do it at all. I'm alway blessed and encouraged when I hear of young men and women who have somewhere along the way learned the truth and made a conscious decision to do things differently. And I agree with you, stories from young men are the most encouraging. Thank you for highlighting stories of these young men who are respectfully declining to DISrespect their female counterparts for their own personal pleasure. This is very encouraging and does offer much hope for this generation.

    • Jackie Brewton


      Thanks for your comment. One of my biggest shocks has been how receptive young men are to my message. And when a guy "gets it", he "GET'S IT"…I love it when I receive a letter that provides encouragement for me to keep on keeping on! 🙂

  • Texangirl

    My own sons! Both are a virgin and proud of it! I have been trying to help students choose purity and abstinence as it will literally save their emotional, physical and spiritual lives through two "wait" programs and being a youth counselor!  When students see the value in themselves, the way God sees them, then they can see that they are worth the wait.  My daughter got married as a virgin! God has blessed us and I want others to know that blessing! Thank you for touching countless lives for Christ, Jackie. You are an answer to every parent's prayer!  God bless you!

    • Jackie Brewton

      Thank you so much for your kind words! You are so right–it all starts with them seeing their worth! Congratulations on doing such a good job of helping your daughter understand that she was worth the wait! God bless you! Keep up the great work of being a champion for the BEST for this generation!

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