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Have you ever wondered what teenagers are REALLY thinking and doing? Well you don’t have to be curious any longer. You can now get a glimpse inside the world of teens from someone who, for more than 10 years, has been having REAL heart to heart discussions with teenagers in middle and high school health classes about life, dreams, goals, love, relationships, drugs, alcohol and let’s not forget SEX.

What’s My Story?

People often ask me how I went from enjoying a successful career in corporate America to talking to young people every day about “Dreams, Decisions and Destinies.”

While working in corporate America, I always found myself participating in a mentoring program with young ladies each time I moved to another city. Regardless of the city, there was a common thread of regret that I kept hearing from these young ladies and in most cases the regrets had to do with their sexual decisions.

I wondered how differently their lives would have been if someone had just believed in them, challenged them to live a life of greatness, given them the information and tools that would have equipped them to make better decisions. I finally asked myself, “Why couldn’t that someone be me?”

In October 2001, choosing significance over success, I decided to leave corporate America and follow my passion. What a journey it has been over the past 10+ years!

Spending my days speaking to students is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I am amazed by the response that I get from them. I read the letters I receive from the students (there have been thousands and some as long as five pages) and weep.

Sometimes I weep because I am grateful that I was able to impact their lives in such a profound way, and other times I weep because their stories are so heart wrenching. I am humbled that they would trust me enough to pour their hearts out to me on paper and many times in person.

This blog is my attempt to sound the alarm and let adults know how much this generation NEEDS us!

My goal is to publish two blog posts a week, one of which will be an actual letter received from a middle or high school student.  To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via RSS or email.

As you read the blog posts, prepare to be shocked, amazed, burdened, heart broken yet encouraged.  Whatever emotion you experience, I hope it compels you to join me in the fight to save this generation of teens that is so desperately seeking TRUTH.

I will consider this blog a success if it opens up a dialogue among adults who share a passion for saving this generation and generations to come. So, PLEASE leave me your comments and share the blog with everyone you know—your family, friends, youth pastor and even your teens. Together we can cast stones and create positive ripples inside the world of teens!

I look forward to sharing this experience with you!

What are some topics that you would like for me to address or questions that you may have?

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  • Dave Perry

    I want specific prayer requests so I can pray for you, as well if you have financial needs

  • Jackie Reeves

    My 20 yr. old son is in college and has asked me …. why do so many women dislike their fathers ?  Do you know the answer ?

    • admin

      Thank you Jackie for your comment. Unfortunately, I see and hear exactly what your son sees and hears; but I hear it from young men as well as young women. There are a large number of children growing up without fathers being involved in their lives for a number of reasons. They become angry with their fathers because they feel they have been abandoned. From my experiences, young ladies often deal with the pain of abandonement by becoming sexually active (caving in to the first male that makes her feel special) and young men often deal with the pain of abadonement by becoming violent. I will be doing a blog post on this issue soon! Thanks again for your comment.

  • Donna

    Hi, Jackie.  I've been asked to speak to two small church groups next week of high school juniors and seniors, first girls, then boys.  I mentor and educate in a small pregnancy center.   I am always amazed at what young people don't know.  I am usually more amazed by what the adults don't know.  I watch every video you have out, and read everything you write, as well as the writings of Dr. Miriam Grossman.  I am astounded at the lack of education offered to patients by the medical community, and have recently called out a CEU provider for giving RNs misinformation.  I am passionate about empowering young people with truth.  What would you suggest I begin with for the church kids?  I have 45 minutes with each group of 10 or less.  Thank you for any suggestions.

    • Jackie Brewton

      In a nutshell, I've found that teaching toward something vs. away from something is much more effective. Though they need to know about the consequences (i.e. STDs, pregnancy risks, etc.), fears can be conquered. So, I wouldn't let that be the "meat" of my talk. Talk to them about their goals, dreams, value, worth, protecting their futures and their children's futures. I have addressed most of the above in a blog post on my site. 

      • Donna

        Thank you so much for your guidance in this.  I will take your lead in this, and re-scour your site!  Blessings!

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