How to Help Your Teen Daughter and Teen Girls in Uganda

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Parents often reach out to me asking whether I will be speaking at a location near them so their daughters can hear my message. 

Most times, my answer is no because my presentations aren’t usually open to the public. 

Well, I have some exciting news to share! 

I’m hosting three virtual workshops during August…for parents, teen girls and teen guys.

And the best part?

These workshops will not only benefit you, your daughter and/or son, they will also benefit an organization I’ve been supporting financially for the past few years. 

One hundred percent of the registration to attend the workshops will be donated to SheLearns—a ministry close to my heart in Kampala, Uganda.

While you and your daughter/son receive life-changing information for your family, you’ll be helping SheLearns continue the life-changing work they’re doing for young people and their families in local villages.

Workshop for Teen Girls

The first workshop for teen girls will happen Sunday, August 7th from 7-9pm EST.  

Not only will I share my wisdom gained from the 20+ years I’ve spoken to teen girls, but three young ladies will join me to share their personal experiences with the following topics: 

  • Love, Sex & Relationships
  • Social Media
  • Sexting
  • Pornography
  • Self-Esteem
  • Mental Health

Introducing my special guests: 

  • Tarae Vines is a 2022 high school graduate.
  • Syndey Chambley is a college Junior.
  • Laney Mayfield is a 2022 college graduate. 

Go here to register your daughter TODAY!

If your daughter is currently dating, this is also a great opportunity for her boyfriend to attend my workshop for teen guys. 

And I encourage you to share this post with her boyfriend’s parents.


Because it’s always best when both partners are on the same page, like the couple below:

“I am currently in a relationship and my boyfriend was also in my class that you spoke in. We went home that night and discussed what we learned. We both agreed that sex isn’t something we need or should rely on in a relationship. I’m so glad that he was here to hear you speak.”

Send me an email if you want to know when the dates for the workshops for teen guys and parents are set at the following email address:

Giving Back to An Organization that Gives So Much

Click the picture below to watch a brief clip from an interview I did with the founder of SheLearns and hear firsthand about the services they provide to the young and elderly in the villages outside of Kampala, Uganda. 

I’ve had the opportunity to speak to the girls in their program four times since November 2021. 

The pictures below are just a few examples of how they have blessed those in need. 

They delivered food throughout the pandemic to those who were starving. 

They also fund medical procedures when necessary. The picture below is of a baby whose surgery they funded to remove a growth from her head. 

Attending one of my workshops will not only help me reach my fundraising goal but more importantly, help SheLearns purchase a van to deliver food and other basic necessities like sanitary napkins to families in remote villages outside of Kampala, Uganda. 

Even if you don’t plan to register for one of the workshops, but would still like to contribute to this fundraiser, contact me and I’ll send you the information you need:

No amount is too small!

Your support would mean a lot to me, but even more so to the young girls and families SheLearns serves in Kampala, Uganda who lack the basic resources we enjoy and often take for granted.

Thank you in advance for your support and I look forward to seeing your daughter on August 7th!

If you’d like for your daughter to attend but she’s not available on August 7th, register anyway and she can watch the REPLAY. A link that will be active for 48 hours will be emailed out immediately following the workshop.

P.S. With school about to start back, now is the time to make sure your daughter is prepared to make wise choices when it comes to these hot button issues my guests and I will discuss on August 7th  Register TODAY and help support SheLearns as they continue to meet the basic needs of young girls and their families in Uganda.

P.P.S. Please spread the word (share this post on social media) about this summer series of workshops to raise funds for SheLearns by the end of August 2022. And stay tuned for further details on the upcoming teen guy and parent workshops. Thank you!

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