8 Ways to Celebrate Your Daughter on National Daughter Day

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Am I the only one who wasn’t aware that there was such thing as National Daughter Day? 

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since there’s a day to celebrate everything else…. Including National Ice Cream Day, which is a great excuse for me to indulge in my favorite food. Not that I need an excuse. 😉

Besides, there’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day…why shouldn’t there be a day to celebrate daughters and sons?

When was the last time you celebrated your daughter? 

And I mean truly honoring her…

…not because it’s her birthday…

…but for who she is…

…the many ways she brings joy to your family

…how she blesses your life as her mother.

If it’s been awhile, now’s your chance to shower your daughter with an extra dose of affection and attention on National Daughter Day this Sunday, September 27th.

Here are 8 ways to celebrate her this year:

  • Treat her to breakfast in bed
  • Take a walk through the neighborhood/park and bond over conversation
  • Pull out old photos/videos of her over the years and host a Watch Party
  • Prepare her favorite meal for dinner 
  • Excuse her from doing any chores 
  • Surprise her with a room full of balloons and streamers
  • Create a voucher book to cash in different special treats
  • Write her a letter using my FREE guide (click pic below)

You could even pick one thing to do each day leading up to this Sunday.

As long as you don’t let this opportunity to acknowledge, honor and celebrate your daughter for who she is and ALL that she means to you, pass by.

She’ll always remember you took the time to do so, and it wasn’t even her birthday. 

P.S.  Even if you go all out for your daughter’s birthday every year, National Daughter Day is a great time to give your daughter her roses while she’s still young and under your roof.  And I can think of no better way to do that than to write her a heartfelt letter describing why you feel so blessed to have her as your daughter. And don’t worry if you struggle to find the “right” words to say. Go here to download my FREE guide and we’ll write your daughter’s letter together. 

P.P.S. Chances are you know a mom of a teen daughter who’s not familiar with National Daughter Day. So please share this post on social media so we can make Sept. 27th a special day for as many girls as possible. Thank you!

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