Is Your Daughter Struggling with Social Drama?

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teen girl sad with cell phone addiction

When I speak to 8th grade girls, I love to gauge the state of their mental health because I know it will impact their daily decisions. 

So, I ask them, “How many of you have stress in your lives?”

80-90% of the girls raise their hands. 

Then I ask, “What is so stressful about being a teenager?” 

Let me tell you, I’m never prepared for the heartbreaking answers I receive.

I could write six months’ worth of blog posts with nothing but their responses. 

But, I’ll only address one today, and I’ve heard similar versions to this girl’s response more than once:

8th grade girl: Trying to be there for other people. 

Me: What people?

8th grade girl: Everyone. My family. My friends. Everyone. 

Me: But why do you need to take on that responsibility? You’re just a teen. You should be enjoying your life. Not stressed out about other people’s lives. 

8th grade girl: That’s just the kind of person I am. But it’s hard to tell your friend you can’t talk with her because you have to do homework when she’s in the middle of a crisis. So, I end up staying up late to finish my homework after trying to help her, which means I’m usually exhausted every day at school. 

The Struggle is Real

Can you imagine being 13-14 years old and trying to balance doing your homework, chores at home, and extra-curricular activities along with counseling your friends who have major problems?

I recently came across this article, Our Daughter’s Nightly Struggles, and it brought back memories of the conversations I have with students in the classroom. 

EVERY parent should read this article to get a glimpse of the struggles many girls face related to cell phones, social media and social drama. 

Help Your Daughter Avoid the Struggle!

Of course, you can’t (nor shouldn’t), rescue your daughter from every struggle she’ll experience, but this is one that deserves your immediate attention.

And kudos to this mom for stepping in to rescue her daughter.

The problem with girls having 24-hr access to their cell phones is it makes them accessible to their friends and social drama 24/7.

So, I encourage you to take a page out of this mom’s book and insist that your daughter charge her phone in your room only.

The break from her cell phone, friends and social media will do her mental health a world of good.

This mom’s daughter is proof!

Have you been led to cut your daughter off from having 24-hr access to her cell phone?

If so, what was the final straw and how has that impacted your daughter and your relationship?

Technology/social media use is such a critical issue with girls today, I’m always eager to hear how parents are managing it for their daughters’ sake.

So, I’d love to hear your take.

You can leave a comment below.

P.S.  The social media/social drama struggle is real, but it doesn’t have to become your daughter’s story. Do yourself a favor and not only read the article here, but take a page out of this mom’s book if you haven’t already.

P.P.S. Then do your mom friends a favor by sharing this blog post with them and putting social media to good use for a change.

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