I’m Finally Revealing One of My “7 Secrets”

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Christmas is just around the corner and I’m in the giving spirit!

For the FIRST TIME EVER…I’m going to reveal one of the secrets from my book, 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You: A Teen Girl’s Guide on Love, Sex, and Relationships.

If you and/or your daughter haven’t read it yet, you’re in for a treat!

This is the secret that rips the blinders off for so many girls who have no clue about how teen guys think or what to realistically expect from sex.

Are you ready for it?

Then let me let you in on a secret that your daughter needs to know…


And not in a good way.

Sex is a Game-Changer

That one thing is true.

But as I discuss in detail in Chapter 4, NOT in the way many girls expect.

Instead of a guy falling madly in love with them, I use quotes from real teen boys to prove the opposite is true.

A lot of guys feel less interested in a girl after having sex.

And instead of strengthening their relationships, I share stories from girls AND guys to show them that once sex enters the picture, relationships often end sooner.

“I lost my virginity January 2014. I was 15 years old. It was one of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made in my life. It was awkward, uncomfortable, and scary. We weren’t ready and it was too early in our relationship.
We broke up 2 months later. Our relationship completely fell apart after we had sex.
I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.”

So, while sex is a “game-changer,” it’s one that leaves most girls on the losing end.


Because their expectations of what they get out of sex amount to wishful thinking.

I wrote the “Sex Changes Things” chapter to challenge girls’ unrealistic expectations.

And to show them that no matter what the media may depict, having sex does NOT equate to “happily ever after.”

The information I share in this chapter is a rude awakening for many of my readers, (just like the topic is for many of my female students).

But you know what?

I’d rather they hear the ugly truth from me than a pretty lie from a guy who doesn’t have their best interests at heart.

As this young lady can attest:

“I actually lost my virginity last year when I was 15 because I thought he loved me and he said he’d never leave. The relationship only lasted 7 months because he simply lost interest. I couldn’t understand why it happened because it was like he came to that decision almost overnight.

Since then I had completely lost myself. I had never felt so hurt about something in my life. I started doing a lot of self-destructive things that I wish I could take back. Having sex caused me to lose all the respect I even had for myself, and knowing that he got to have me that way only made me hate myself for it more. So, I thought if I had sex with someone else then it would help me to move on because I see so many people around me treating sex like it means nothing. It didn’t help and I was planning to keep having sex as a result of that before I came across your book.

I can only imagine how many other people have been through this and are just as confused about it as I was. I’m only now moving past it months later after reading your book. So many of us try to justify casual sex by saying it’s just because they ‘want to’ and they ‘like it.’ Which I guess makes it seem totally normal. Reading your book, 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You, has helped me to realize that I am worth so much more than that and I deserve respect from myself and everyone else. I am deciding to not have sex again until marriage and I feel like it would be amazing if you could speak at my school and possibly help other students who have experienced some of these same things because sex changes lives.”

Letters like this are why I wrote the book.

Why “Sex Changes Things” is one of the “7 Secrets.”

And why your daughter/granddaughter/niece/cousin/neighbor/daughter’s best friend needs her own copy!

As much as I’m thankful that my book changed this young lady’s outlook, I can’t help but think: If only she could have read it BEFORE she had sex with her boyfriend…

That’s why I say to you Mom:  Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Order your copy(ies) of 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You: A Teen Girl’s Guide on Love, Sex, and Relationships TODAY!

And give your daughter/special young lady in your life the gift that keeps on giving—throughout her teen years and well into adulthood.

P.S. Whether you get the book or not, please make sure your daughter reads this post. And share it with the moms of her friends. Every girl needs to know that SEX CHANGES THINGS. And NOT in the “Happily Ever After” kind of way.

P.P.S. But if you’re looking for a gift for a special young lady that will challenge popular culture messages about love, sex, and relationships; equip her to put her best interests before any guy’s sex interests and empower her to know her value in and outside of a relationship—place your order for 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You today!

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