The Sex Talk EVERY Teen NEEDS to Hear !

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The DVD that Teens Have Been Requesting is FINALLY Here !

“I believe that you should make a video or DVD of your seminar. Everyone needs to listen to your wise words.”

-High School Student

“The way you approach us all and connect is very different and everyone should get a chance to hear what you have to say. I truly think you should be recorded and have your speech played at schools everywhere.”

-High School Student

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Why Parents NEED to Purchase this DVD !

“ I think every child should hear about sex and the consequences, but I also think that when they hear it, they should hear it from you. It’s crazy how students let the information go through one ear and out the other when their parents or family talk to them; but hearing it from you has a completely different impact on us ”

-High School Student

“ I am so glad you kept it real and used ways to relate to us. Gosh, I wish parents would give such good advice on sex. There would be such a different result in our youth’s actions ”

-High School Student

What Teens Will Gain from this DVD

Parents, mentors, educators --grab your teen(s), it’s time to talk! Join Jackie Brewton, one of this Country’s highly sought after youth speakers/Sex-Ed
experts, for her popular message “Dreams Decisions Destinies: The Sex Talk Every Teen Needs to Hear.”
In these hour-long “real talk” discussions, Jackie sits down with teens to have the sex talk that many adults wished they had when they were teens. In a
laid back, school gymnasium setting, Jackie shares: The importance of valuing education, having a vision and setting goals, understanding the risks
involved with teen sex (physical, emotional and legal) and the benefits of discipline and delayed gratification.

"The DVD was amazing. It gave you a lot to think about. I was sad because it ended too soon. When young ladies or teenage girls see it, I think they will want more. The video gave me more than enough reasons to hold on to my virginity"

—Teen Girl

"You're just what I needed to continue pursuing my dreams, career and future. I highly recommend this DVD for every teen and will share it with others. I don't know how I could possibly get you to fully understand how extremely thankful I am for you sharing what teenagers need to know. Thank You So Much!!!!"

—Teen Guy

Ways to Utilize this DVD

  • Watch it along with your child or mentee.
  • Host a viewing party in your home for your teen and a group of his/her friends.
  • Show it to your church youth group, sports teams, after-school clubs, etc.
  • Watch it in segments or over several days. As you watch the DVD, hit the pause button and discuss each point with your teen(s) before moving on to the next point.

This powerful DVD should be in the hands of every teen girl around the world. I love the fact that Jackie didn't deliver a "pep talk" but "real talk". I would highly recommend this phenomenal DVD as a tool and wonderful resource that can be utilized by parents, schools, churches and mentoring programs. Order your copy today; it will be the best investment that you'll make in the life of a young girl.

—Youth Leader

Let’s Start the Conversation together

Teens will enjoy having an understanding adult speak openly about a topic they often find too awkward to discuss with their parents. Adults will appreciate watching an expert demonstrate methods for opening up dialogue with their own kids.

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Jackie’s Impact on Students

"My parents have tried so many times to give me the sex talk, but it was not as clear as you put it for me."

-High School Student

"I love how you explained why we shouldn’t have sex because when parents tell you not to have sex, it just makes you want to have sex and see why it’s so bad."

-High School Student

"I just wish that everything you spoke about could be forever implanted in our minds so each time [we] are about to make a bad choice, we could have a little Ms. Jackie voice talk us through the whole decision.”

-High School Student

About Jackie

I’m Jackie Brewton – a youth development speaker and sex education expert who, for more than 12 years, has been inspiring teens and young adults to dream bigger DREAMS, make better DECISIONS and walk into their DESTINIES!

It might surprise you to know that as a youth speaker who is also a sex-ed expert, my primary goal is not to prevent teen pregnancy. It is so much more than that for me! I am on a mission to pull greatness out of each and every young person I engage. So telling them to “Just say, ‘No’” is not enough. Young people need something greater to say “Yes” to, and that’s exactly what I strive to give them! Students say my passion for what I do inspires them, and they can tell that I really do care about seeing them reach their fullest potential.

I have had the pleasure of speaking to tens of thousands of youth across the country and even internationally, and have received 10,000+ letters from students. If you would like more information about having me speak to the youth in your organization, please visit my website,


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