I want you to know that you are changing lives. You are saving a generation. Don’t ever stop doing what you are doing, because the students hear you. I hear you. And if we ever meet again, I will let you know that in that small amount of time you visited my classroom, you changed my life and I thank God you came before it was too late.

I feel as if Ms. Jackie changed my whole perspective on life and now I feel that my life is worth something more than learning, living, loving and dying. P.S. Ms. Jackie ROCKS!

There are people in life who never make an impact in people’s lives. Then there are those who do. What makes one different is the amount of passion in one’s voice. I could hear that passion in your voice.

I really loved your message. You lit up the room when you walked in. Kids have the natural ability to gravitate towards you. I think it’s because you actually care. I want you to know that you have the voice to change a whole generation of people.

I wish all my teachers had as much enthusiasm and admiration as you do about what you teach. You caught our attention from the beginning and kept it to the end. To be honest, you still have my attention although you are not here!

You touched my heart in ways I didn’t even know a total stranger could. Your two day presentation did change my thoughts about teenagers and sex; but it was more than that…It was like you were telling my short life story and I was the only student in the room…I can never thank you enough for walking into my life.

The way you present the material and relate to kids our age is incredible. You truly have a talent and passion for what you do and it shows to everyone around.

Anyone who doubts the effectiveness of what you do just needs to sit through a couple of days of the program.

When you spoke you brought tears to my eyes because it’s like you understood and weren’t passing judgement. I feel like you saved my life.

I LOVED your presentation! You were so amazing! You have a God given gift that should be shared. You need your own TV show or radio show or something. I loved you! Even if I never see you again, you’ve impacted my life forever.

This is a program that should be taught all over America because it really does make a difference in the way teens think about sex.

Ever since your speech, I’ve started to improve my life for the better. I read your quotes every day as a reminder of how precious my life is to me and how one bad decision can ruin it forever.

I know you must get this a lot, but your words impacted me greatly. I really wanted to take out my cell phone and record you; that’s how good you are.

You changed MY LIFE! You touched me in a place that I never thought could be touched. I only wish that kids all over the US could hear your message and I hope it changes their lives the way it did mine.

I was surprised at your ability to comprehend the logic behind the decisions of our younger generation. The passion that you have for your job is outstanding.

You have clearly opened my eyes and views on sex, relationships and what it means to “be a man”. I am not a virgin, but I have decided to stop having sex. Because of you, I look forward to protecting my future wife, my future life and my future marriage.

Every parent in the United States should have been here to listen.

I think Ms. Brewton gave a very powerful presentation. I only wish she had more time.

The speaker was outstanding! I couldn’t have been more impressed. Extremely informative!

Awesome speaker! Excellent information! It was well worth the time. Thank you for your time and passion for our children.

Jackie does a tremendous job and students hang on to her message. When they hear Jackie is on campus, the students who heard her one or two years ago flock to see her again after class.
High School Teacher

Great class…good material…well presented…loved the humor!

Very impressed! Presentation was done in a very interesting, upbeat, informative and engaging manner.

Jackie is AWESOME! The presentations have the greatest impact on our students. The students say it is the BEST part of the entire class.

I have been a part of this for years and have heard testimonies from students about the life long impact! Plus, I have seen these talks change lives!

This speaker should be on the national circuit!

Her presentation had students’ eyes locked on her, all listening. In the day of trying to ‘entertain’ with podcasting, blogs, video streaming, etc., she came in and was herself. Real life information they can use today. No bells & whistles—yet it is very effective.
The girls love Ms. Jackie! The girls always come to me after she leaves and talk about how much her class changed them. This class is a MUST for all girls.

This presentation with Jackie is one of the best activities we do ALL semester. She is a force in these students’ lives.

Jackie is a phenomenal speaker! Highly engaging!! She really got them thinking—and making decisions they never considered before. Kudos!! I hope we continue to bring this excellent and much-needed program to our county.
First off, a huge THANK YOU for all that you have done for The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation and the girls in our program. Your words and your listening ear have been one of the most valuable take-aways that our girls have left with after both of our programs. You really changed those girls’ lives. It has been such an honor to have you be a part of the Girls Who Rule The World family.
Morgan Townsend, Program Director, The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation

I just wanted to THANK YOU again for being with us in Houston County yesterday! You did a tremendous job at the Teen Health Forum! Your passion and professionalism shone even brighter than I have ever seen. The most important testimony was the obvious impact you had on the 2200 students; they were so engaged and involved in your message! Your session with the teen parents yesterday afternoon left them with the impression that they can do and achieve more than they have previously given themselves credit for. Thanks again! I look forward to the next time we get to work together.
Elizabeth Mitchum, System of Care Administrator, Perry, GA

Jackie, I cannot begin to tell you how you blessed my daughters and the other young ladies that were present at the retreat. The girls were still talking about you the next day. You had such a huge impact on their lives and you made such a wonderful impression on them that the appropriate words simply escape me. All those girls want you to come to their schools. Our church is trying to figure out how to get you to come back to a larger audience. We were all thoroughly impressed.
Karen R. Sommerville, West Side Community CME Church

I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to thank for coming out to speak with the parents and GEMS of Diamond In The Rough about “What Today’s Parent Needs to Know about Teens & Sex.” Your presentation was informative, eye-opening, jaw-dropping and educational. The work that you’re doing in the community is awesome and empowering! Being a parent of a 13 year old, I left more informed after your presentation and felt equipped with critical information to share with my daughter so that we can continue to have interactive discussions. In addition, your ability to captivate and engage the parents and teens was phenomenal. You left everyone with thought provoking information, decision-making concepts and a lasting impression. Personally, what I loved the most about your presentation was your passion in delivery, the thorough/accurate research and the ability to keep everyone’s undivided attention. Further, we would love to have you back as a speaker at Diamond University Summer Leadership Academy.
Audra McDaniel, Diamond in the Rough Education Coordinator

Two weeks ago Jackie invited me to hear her speak to a “problem” class of 30 high school students. I brought work with me so I could stay busy/productive. But I was on the edge of my seat for the entire 90-minute class. And so were all of the “problem” students. I would have paid top-dollar for my kids to hear the reinforcement from her with her down-to-earth but COMPELLING delivery. The rapport that she had with the students seemed miraculous, and it was apparent that she was impacting hearts and minds in a major way. I am convinced that she is a speaker that our country NEEDS to have on a national platform.
Scott Kaufman, Founder rightMAJORrightCAREER