Sex-Teens-Drama (STD): A Survival Guide

For more than 10+ years, Jackie has equipped tens of thousands of teens with the tools necessary to establish and maintain healthy relationships, withstand the pressures of their peers and the media, and prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs through her signature presentation. She will deliver age-appropriate, medically accurate information that will help your students to make healthy choices, and empower them to set higher standards for themselves.

Significance > Success:  Becoming the Leader You Were Meant to Be

The desire to play it safe and maintain the status quo is the norm for many teens. But in this workshop, Jackie will challenge your students to step out of their comfort zone and risk being different.  She will encourage them to lead by example and stand up for the change they would like to see.  Jackie will also share the importance of leaving a legacy and motivate your students to strive for significance. (This presentation can also be adapted for college students.)

Dreams, Decisions, Destinies…

As a champion of youth, Jackie is passionate about equipping them to fulfill their unique purpose.  In this inspiring presentation, your students will learn the importance of having a vision and setting goals.  They will learn the value of education in preparation for their journey, and the importance of choosing their friends wisely along the way.  Jackie will share the benefits of delayed gratification and encourage your students to make positive decisions that will help propel them towards their destinies.

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The Secrets of a Top Shelf D.I.V.A.

Jackie has a wonderful way of connecting with teen girls, so much so, they can often be found in long lines waiting to speak with her one-on-one after her presentations. In this popular workshop, your students will learn the importance of having self-respect and how to boost their own self-esteem. They’ll walk away with a new attitude and the sense that no matter what they’ve done in their past, it’s not too late to make positive changes. Jackie will empower your students to become the Top Shelf D.I.V.A. they always wanted to be but didn’t know how – a woman who is:

  • Disciplined – exercises self-control
  • Intelligent – can think for herself
  • Valuable – knows her worth in and outside of relationships
  • Active – sets goals for herself and goes after them

The MAN-ifesto

In this workshop just for guys, young men will learn the importance of being disciplined and exercising self-control in their relationships and life in general.  Jackie motivates the students to become men of principle vs. pleasure, and introduces them to the little known “Guys’ Golden Rule”:  Do unto young ladies as you would have other guys do unto your sister! Following is a comment from a male student: “I think it’s funny though because most of the guys in class related to you more than the male speaker.”

I Am in college! Now what?

This presentation is specifically targeted toward college freshmen. Many high school seniors reach their senior year wishing they had done things differently during their four years of high school. The information shared with college freshmen in this workshop helps them to prevent similar regrets when they become seniors in college. This workshop was birthed out of an event hosted by Jackie in her home every summer. A group of upper-class college students share their wisdom and experiences with incoming college freshman in an attempt to help them avoid some of the struggles that many of the upper classmen experienced as freshmen. Topics of discussion include: study skills, class/professor selection, healthy relationships, campus safety, nutrition & exercise, finances, roommates, etc. Jackie has gleaned the nuggets from these events and developed a workshop that includes all of the information shared by the college students, as well as the following:

  • Living a “significant” life versus a “successful” life
  • Your BEST self—GOOD is the enemy of BEST!
  • Image is EVERYTHING!

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The Biggest Loser – “Hook Up” Edition

On many college campuses today, the hook-up sexual culture is pervasive. The age group that has the highest rate of out-of-wedlock pregnancy is 20-24 year olds (which includes college-aged women). Let’s face it; nobody wins when young people “hook-up.” For the past 10+ years, Jackie has been on a mission to equip teens and young adults with the tools necessary to establish and maintain healthy relationships, and prevent unwanted pregnancies and STD’s that can quickly derail a college student’s future goals. This workshop is designed to help young people understand what they can do to “protect” their power, value, emotions, health and, most importantly, the next generation.


What’s a Parent to Do? A Sex-Teens-Drama Survival Guide for Parents

Today’s youth are bombarded with pressure to have sex and face many challenging issues when it comes to making healthy choices. Research shows that parents are very influential when it comes to teenagers’ decisions regarding sexual activity. In this 90 minute, two parts information/three parts inspiration-packed presentation, Jackie arms parents with the tools and resources needed to help their teens make positive choices.

They will learn:

  • What causes teens to be sexually active
  • What are the consequences of teen sex
  • What parents can do

Do You Know Your Child’s Greatest Asset? Guess what, there are 40 of them!

As a frontline youth worker, speaker and certified trainer of the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets, Jackie has been building assets in youth for years. In this workshop, she empowers parents to become an asset builder for their own child by sharing proven best practices that help prepare youth to live up to their fullest potential.

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40 to Life: Integrating the 40 Developmental Assets into Your Youth Programs

Jackie is certified by the Search Institute to train positive youth development workers in their 40 Developmental Assets approach to helping youth live up to their fullest potential. In this presentation, she will help your educators:

  • Understand the Developmental Assets, including why they are important and how others are using them
  • Learn from stories and concrete examples of community-based asset building and consider how to apply them to your programs

“Reaching” vs. “Teaching”: Connecting with Youth for Positive Change

Information alone does not change behavior. Educators are most effective when the students “connect” with them and not just their message. In this workshop Jackie will reveal some of the best ways to connect with the students in a way that changes their behavior long-term vs. short-term.

Educators will learn:

  • How to use “storytelling” as an effective teaching tool
  • How to use the media (video clips, lyrics to songs) and how to find media with a message
  • The importance of knowing their world and using culturally relevant examples
  • How to help students think, instead of telling them how to think